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In the new Bauhaus wallpaper collection, Rasch has developed a modular room concept, together with the premium brand Sikkens, with unlimited potential for individual design. Only the freely combinable surface designs with the 72 colour tones may carry the name Bauhaus Textured Wallpaper + Paint – and creates such an impressive symbiosis between surface, paint application and incidence of light for a perfect room effect.

The result connects the return to the Bauhaus with a contemporary implementation for designing current living worlds.
Original designs from Walter Gropius and Bauhaus graduates among others have been reissued for the decors; the colour pallets based on the first Bauhaus wallpapers derived from works by the students and teachers and from colour references of todays Bauhaus buildings and Masters’ Houses. The collection fulfils the increasing desire for maximum flexibility and is characterised by simplicity, high quality and aesthetic as well as timeless modernity.


“For me the question of beauty is a primal urge in man, which has to be fulfilled.“

Walter Gropius from the opening of the Interbau 57, radio recording 1957
The textures of the Bauhaus wallpapers continue the tradition of fine and decent patterns from the first wallpaper collections and interpret the issue of surface feel with various innovative combinations of materials in a new form. The textures lend surfaces a sensual impression and thus embody an architectural alternative to smooth walls; the yearning for individualisation and emotional added value is fulfilled. Different optical effects can be achieved by the paint application; the designs are emphasised, amplified or also reduced according to the requirements of the room and its use.
The six product groups are defined by the materials used and for various applications.
  • 328004
  • 326802
  • 327700
  • 326000
  • 327403
  • 325805
  • 326208
  • 327601
  • 328509
  • 327502
  • 325904
  • 326901
  • 326307
  • 326406
  • 327007
  • 327151
  • 326925
  • 327717
  • 326017
  • 327809
  • 325812
  • 327410
  • 327519
  • 326215
  • 325911
  • 327205
  • 327908
  • 325829
  • 325843
  • 325867
  • 325850
  • 329209
  • 327120
  • 328301
  • 328103
  • 324907
  • 329001
  • 328202
  • 329100
  • More textures


„Colour should not be like a costume – it should appear as a characteristic of the architecture.“

Hinnerk Scheper, from Architektur und Farbe, Manuscript, 1930
The choice and compilation of the 72 high-quality Sikkens colours were made not only in the sense of a historic revival with the well-known design classics, but also with an awareness of the increased demands of our times in the premium segment.
Six colour groups with twelve colours each were compiled with loving attention to detail according to the colour compositions found in Bauhaus drafts. Thus not only have around 3,000 combination possibilities between texture and colour been generated from this unique collection but an entirely wonderful spectrum of fascinating effects and atmospheres with light changes on the object.
Even with exclusive and individual requirements, there is nothing left for planners, professional processors and customers to desire.
  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C
  • Group D
  • Group E
  • Group F


Technical Data Paints

Sikkens – the Bauhaus Wallpaper Collection premium partner. The Sikkens Alpha interior wall paints guarantee the best quality in their class and offer an optimum product range for perfect surface results – especially for the highest colour aesthetic and precision requirements. In extensive compatibility tests, the selected Sikkens colour shades received very positive ratings on the Bauhaus wallpaper.
Once the wallpaper has dried completely, the individual colour design can be carried out directly with the high-quality Sikkens dispersion, latex or metallic paints.

Depending on the colour intensity and degree of coverage of the selected tone, the colour composition can be individual and deliberately chosen as a stylistic device. A test application on a non-papered sample increases the enthusiasm for the expected result in advance. Further information and processing instructions can be found in the technical data sheets or at

Technical Data Textures

All of the textures in the collection are high quality, paintable non-woven wallpapers. Only the combination of Rasch Bauhaus textured wallpapers and the carefully chosen Sikkens products in the Bauhaus Collection colour tones produce wall designs in the sense of the Bauhaus. The Bauhaus wallpaper production procedure fulfils the RAL regulations RAL GZ 479 of the wallpaper quality association and the following European norms: water vapour-permeable according to DIN 53122, flame retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1, CE-compliant according to DIN EN 15102: 2007 – A1: 2011. All wallpapers are suitable for contract use, can be painted over as often as desired and, if properly processed, completely dry strippable.
Mechanical distressing such as rubbing, scratching etc., can give rise to visible abrasion on the surface. The colour-play and shine can vary according to the level of sheen and colour-tone intensity in combination with the surface structure of the wallpaper. Please see our technical leaflets for further information on all products.
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