The Bauhaus Wallpaper


Every age demands its own form. It is our task to design the new world with existing tools.

The appeal from Hannes Meyer, one of the directors of the Bauhaus is just as topical today as it was back then: it combines aesthetic with function and economy. It is an invitation to think and holistically and to rethink. The first Bauhaus wallpaper was marketed under this maxim almost 90 years ago. The collection was developed together with the Tapetenfabrik Gebrüder Rasch, first criticised and then praised: the significance of wallpaper changed from wall decoration to a sought-after material in construction. Over six million roles were sold within a few years. It was the greatest commercial success of the Bauhaus. Bauhaus wallpapers are still being produced today – the only one of all of the original products worldwide and the upcoming anniversary is to be celebrated with a new collection: the only modular wall system in the design language of the Bauhaus. It connects tradition with contemporary design. It produces a unique ambience through fine structures, which can be painted over. With the concept, „Bauhaus as a modular system“ a rich diversity of patterns and colour emerges.
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